About Me

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Health and Safety


I will ensure a safe environment for children by:

Creating risk assessments for each area that is used by children and for any other situation or activity that could pose a potential hazard to children.

Ensuring equipment is safe, well maintained and age appropriate.

Ensuring good hygiene standards are met.

Following all safety procedures (including the Safeguarding Children Policy).

Keeping first aid training up to date in order to be able to deal with accidents as they arise.

Keeping all essential documentation up to date.  For example, registration forms, accidents records, and other records to show when medication has been/will be administered etc.


As a childminder I will need to ensure that all administration and paperwork is completed, as directed by Ofsted or Local Authority Officers.




As a childminder i will:


Build and maintain positive and professional relationships with parents/carers, schools, preschools, toddler groups, children’s centres and other childminders.

Deliver a high level of customer service at all times.

Inform local authority support officers of any matter requiring attention, such as concerns about a child or inspection issues.

Work within the boundaries of my confidentiality policy at all times.




I will attend relevant meetings and training events in order to keep abreast of changes.


Be responsible for my own continuous professional development, including mandatory training.

Communication skills


I will:

Ensure that appropriate communication methods are used and are relevant to my audience.  For example; children, parents/carers or other professionals.

Be a good role model for children.

Listen to and engage children in relevant conversation.

Have a growing repertoire of songs, rhymes and stories to share with children of all ages.

Consult with children, parents, carers and professionals.